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Norman Finkelstein

Excellent talk on the Israel-Palestinian conflict


Anti-Zionist rabbis state that the Torah prohibits jews to own a land..


Israel is the Real Terrorist State


Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

RT America

Chris Hedges: Israel is ‘frightened’ & ‘desperate’

Al Jazeera English

Boycott Israel - People and Power

Democracy Now!

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy Supports Ilhan Omar’s Critique of Israel

Empire Files

Israeli Soldier's Explosive Tell-All: "Palestinians are Right to Resist"

How I Became an Anti-Israel Jew

“Was this what they died for? My relatives, all those Jews, all those thousands of names on the memorials? Was this horror of a racist, repressive state the result of their deaths?”

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Israel detains American student for her alleged boycott support

JERUSALEM -- In a groundbreaking case, Israel has detained an American graduate student at its international airport for the past week, accusing her of supporting a Palestinian-led boycott campaign against the Jewish state.

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